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Professional Reviews

Dr. Wexler is highly sophisticated in his use of pharmacotherapy, as well as appreciating the need for supportive care during the time patients are most disabled by their illness. Although Dr. Wexler has an excellent academic pedigree, I don't regard this as a particularly important factor. There are a great many highly intelligent people from well-marketed academic centers, the vast majority of whom I don't respect, and I wouldn't refer to, ever.

Hugh Brent Solvason, PhD, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Psychiatry
Stanford University School of Medicine


Dr. Wexler has a solid, stellar reputation among peers, colleagues, and patients in the community. He has been a consistent role model for trainees and colleagues alike. He has always been very dedicated to his work. His dedication and commitment to his patients and the community are second to none, and he has keen, professional clinical acumen. Patients uniformly praise his clinical acumen, and superb bedside manner.

Natalie Rasgon, MD, PhD
Director of the Stanford Center for Neuroscience in Women’s Health
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for the School of Medicine
Stanford University



Without exception, I find Dr. Wexler to be the finest psychiatrist with whom I have ever been associated. He maintains a high standard of clinical practice and is well versed in current concepts relating to neuroscience, particularly as it relates to his specific field of expertise.

Ealon Joelson, MD
Department of Neurology
Palo Alto Medical Foundation


Dr. Wexler is known throughout the community to be one of the most outstanding psychopharmacologists in the area. His patients adore him, and as long as I have known him there has been a waiting list to become part of his practice. When I refer patients to a psychiatrist, I give them a list of names, but emphatically tell them that Dr. Wexler is my first choice.

Rachel Seaman, MD
Stanford Health Care


Dr. Wexler is without a doubt, one of the most superlative physicians I have worked with in my entire medical career. In my role as a clinical and interventional cardiologist, I have often had patients who needed the additional psychiatric, professional expertise that Dr. Wexler provides. Thus, we have shared many patients over more than a decade of collaboration; his clinical expertise has proven itself again and again to the great benefit of those patients I have referred.

Dennis J. Sheehan, MD
Fellow, American College Cardiology
Sequoia Hospital


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