Adult, Geriatric and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology

Comprehensive Initial Evaluation
The first visit consists of a 120-minute diagnostic assessment Dr. Wexler or Dr. Lei. Following the psychiatric interview, the doctor will discuss diagnostic impressions and synthesize an initial treatment plan. He or she will then write an in-depth report, which will be provided to the patient as well as to other members of the patient’s treatment team, as permitted by the patient. Initial components of the treatment plan may be implemented at the end of this visit.

Medication Management
Typical follow-up visits last 30 to 60 minutes. The doctor will assess response to medications and select nutraceuticals, modifiy treatment as indicated, and address other concerns. Critically important, these visits include discussion of life context.

Dr. Wexler and Dr Lei have deep experience working with older adults and coordinating care closely with geriatricians and other medical specialists. This is important given the unique challenges facing individuals in this age group.


Second Opinion Consultations
Dr. Wexler and Dr. Lei are available for one-time, in-depth consultations to aid in management of patients who want input regarding diagnoses and/or treatment options but who intend to continue working with their current treatment team. A typical visit time is 120 minutes, and a written report is provided to the patient and/or the patient’s treating clinicians.

Please note: we do not take insurance. A superbill will be provided to submit to your insurance carrier.

Update: Dr. Wexler is not accepting new patients. Dr. Lei is accepting new patients on a limited basis. Please email for availability.