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Adult, Geriatric and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology

Concierge Care

Dr. Wexler's practice is distinguished as a concierge care provider, delivering a bespoke and elevated healthcare experience for individuals seeking personalized attention. Those intrigued by this exclusive level of care are encouraged to inquire about available concierge slots in Dr. Wexler's practice. The inaugural visit involves a comprehensive 120-minute diagnostic assessment where Dr. Wexler conducts a psychiatric interview, discusses diagnostic impressions, and formulates an initial treatment plan. Following this, a detailed report is generated, shared with the patient, and, with consent, extended to the patient's treatment team. Initial components of the treatment plan may also be enacted at the conclusion of this visit. Subsequent concierge follow-ups, spanning 30 to 60 minutes, transcend conventional medical assessments. Dr. Wexler diligently evaluates medication responses, suggests nutraceuticals, and adjusts therapeutic strategies based on individual needs. Notably, these visits include discussions about life context, reflecting Dr. Wexler's commitment to a holistic understanding that is paramount for comprehensive mental health care.

Dr. Wexler has deep experience working with older adults and coordinating care closely with geriatricians and other medical specialists. This is important given the unique challenges facing individuals in this age group.


Second Opinion Consultations
Second Opinion Consultations with Dr. Wexler offer a valuable opportunity for patients seeking additional insights into their diagnoses and treatment options while continuing their ongoing care with their current treatment team. Dr. Wexler provides one-time, in-depth consultations, with a standard visit duration of 120 minutes. Following the consultation, a comprehensive written report is furnished to the patient and/or their treating clinicians, ensuring a collaborative and informed approach to patient care.

Dr. Wexler is a non-contract provider. He expressly does not work with insurance companies at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: Our practice is not accepting new patients.

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